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sciensoft_0Sciencesoft is award winning, world leading 3d visualization software for global oil gas industry. Based in Scotland, our innovative expertise helps 140 companies in 80 countries – and our network of users is expanding.

Sciencesoft Ltd. was founded in 1995 by Dr. Lindsay Wood and William Wood. Sciencesoft which based in Glasgow, Scotland specializes in reservoir simulation analysis. The Sciencesoft Reservoir Simulation Suite of products helps the Reservoir Engineers to analyze results from reservoir simulators by rapidly producing 2D and 3D images, which can be further analyzed using tools available within the software. The Reservoir Simulation Suite as at now consists of six products: S3GRAF, S3GRAF-3D, S3GRAF-HPG, S3connect, S3Control and S3Sector. These products support the widest range of simulators in the market, including Eclipse, CMG, VIP, Streamlines (FrontSim and 3DSL), UTCHEM and many more.

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S3GRAF is a reservoir simulation post-processing software package which supports the widest range of simulators in the market, including Eclipse, CMG, VIP, Streamlines (FrontSim and 3DSL), UTCHEM and many more. It is a powerful and easy-to-use software product, enabling reservoir engineers to enhance their productivity and make key decisions fast. It enables the creation of detailed plots for multiple wells upon the click of a mouse. All plots can then be automatically exported to a Microsoft Office package to quickly and easily create reports.


  • Multiple simulator support, allowing standardization

  • Seamless integration with other S3GRAF modules into one complete package

  • Fast data loading and plotting

  • Time-saving automatic report creation

  • Batch processing ability, enabling replication of series of plots in seconds

Key Features

  • Fast data loading and plotting via intuitive drag-and-drop

  • Ability to compare different simulator data in the same windows

  • Supports 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows (XP, Vista and Win7)

  • User-defined properties via Derived Quantities

S3GRAF-3D is the powerful add-on module for S3GRAF which enables 3D visualization and analysis of reservoir simulator models. Within S3GRAF-3D there are many advanced features and functions, enabling the reservoir engineer to quickly define and focus on regions of interest. Multiple views can be displayed on-screen simultaneously, from multiple simulators, for rapid analysis and decision making.


  • Advanced 3D visualization enables faster access to model

  • Multiple grids on screen for faster analysis

  • Enhances productivity via ease of use

  • Multiple simulator support, allowing standardization

  • Fast data loading and plotting

  • Analysis and calculation capabilities for user-defined grid regions

Key features:

  • Ability to compare different simulator data in the same windows

  • Supports 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows (XP, Vista and Win7)

  • Seamless integration with S3GRAF and the add-on module S3GRAF-HPG

  • Exportable user-definable properties (derived quantities) and regions of grid

  • Volumetric calculations on fields or regions

  • Simple Movie recording

S3GRAF-HPG (High Performance Grids) is the ground-breaking and innovative add-on module for S3GRAF, the leading third party post-processing tool. It enables engineers to start work on large grids (tens of millions of cells) and associated restart data (several Gbytes in size) in seconds, thus eliminating the data loading bottleneck. It is easy-to-use and flexible, enabling reservoir engineers to enhance their productivity and make key decisions fast. S3GRAF-HPG embraces fetch-on-demand and intelligently applies it to the needs of reservoir engineers. It enables an enormous improvement in data loading, up to 100 times faster than conventional methods, meaning that engineers can get to work immediately on their data.


  • Major boost to productivity, giving outstanding time-saving benefits

  • Mega Grids in milliseconds and Gbytes of restart data in seconds

  • Multiple simulator support, allowing standardization

  • Seamless integration with S3GRAF

  • Up to 100x faster than traditional data loading methods

  • Eases strain on hardware and IT requirements

Key Features

  • Multiple simulator support

  • Supports 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows (XP, Vista and Win7)

  • Seamless integration with S3GRAF and the S3GRAF-3D add-on module

  • Fetch on Demand

  • Minimum Memory Mode

S3connect couples surface network models in the GAP software to reservoir simulation models in Eclipse, FrontSim and VIP. The link uses full two-way coupling between surface and subsurface, allowing the creation of production forecasts that include the full complexity of the surface pipeline dynamics and detailed reservoir modeling, including heterogeneity. S3connect provides a very simple interface for linking the GAP model to reservoir models, including the connection of corresponding wells in the two systems. For fully compositional systems, the mapping between the components can also be easily specified. Setup of a coupled system is therefore very straightforward, allowing engineers to concentrate solely on engineering problems.


  • Ease of use for both production and reservoir engineers

  • Couples to multiple simulators

  • Cost effectiveness; couples to standard Eclipse, making efficient use of existing simulator licenses

  • Robust

  • Straightforward IT setup, with minimal IT overhead


  • Production forecasting and optimization

  • More accurate reservoir simulation with realistic surface constraints

  • Gas lift optimization studies

  • Backout analysis

  • Waterflood management

  • Asset management and planning

Key Features

  • Supports Eclipse, E300, FrontSim and VIP

  • Integrates with S3GRAF for easy viewing of results

  • Connects multiple reservoir models

  • Runs on Windows (XP, Vista and Win7) and can launch the reservoir simulator on Windows or UNIX / LINUX

  • LSF job scheduling

  • Automatic IPR curve generation

  • Supports all GAP well types (including gas lifted)

  • Supports fitted and table-lookup GAP IPR types

S3control is a new, powerful pre-processing package for reservoir simulators. The first release of S3control will provide full support for Eclipse and will be followed by updates that support UTCHEM, UTCOMP, Nexus and CMG (IMEX, GEM and STARS). An advanced text editor for input decks includes powerful keyword recognition, validation and syntax highlighting. The built-in workflows and concept views enable engineers to perform common tasks quickly and easily. Engineers can also create their own workflow templates and share these with colleagues. Real time keyword and model validation functions are built in as standard. Sensitivity and uncertainty workflows help engineers perform these tasks rapidly and effortlessly.


  • Fast keyword and model validation save time and increase productivity

  • Multiple simulator support*

  • Quickly performs common workflows

  • Easy creation, saving and sharing of workflow templates greatly increase productivity

  • Simulator independent concept views enable smooth movement between simulators

  • Intuitive ribbon style interface

  • Automatic inclusion of report commands

  • Seamlessly handles ‘include’ files

Key Features:

  • Advanced text editor for input decks

  • Multiple simulator support in a single package*

  • Powerful keyword recognition and syntax highlighting

  • Rapid model validation and error checking

  • Intuitive searching and filtering of keywords

  • Simple, integrated visualization of input deck properties and output data (3D grids
    and line plots)

  • Side by side comparison of models with highlighted differences

  • Launches multiple runs quickly and easily

  • Run time monitoring of simulation runs

  • Sensitivity studies with visual display of results including tornado, Pareto and spider plots

  • Automatic generation of multiple scenarios to perform sensitivity analysis over specified properties

  • Fully integrated visualization of engineering concepts e.g. faults, contact depths

  • Built-in editing workflows (including change contact depths, fault transmissibilities and create restart case)

  • Views tabular data

  • LSF integration

  • Uncertainty modelling and plotting of results*

  • Uncertainty analysis (P10, P50, P90, built-in workflows, proxy models)*

S3sector provides a revolutionary solution to extracting information from a full-field model. This innovative and powerful software tool builds sector models in minutes rather than the weeks needed for a manual conversion. The first release of S3sector provides full support for creating Eclipse and UTCHEM sector models and this will be followed by support for Nexus, IMEX, GEM and STARS. Single or multiple wells can be selected quickly and a new sector model can be built in minutes. S3sector automatically maps the data from one simulator onto the format required for the sector model. Corner-point geometry can be converted to block-centred geometry, with additional refinement added to model finescale effects. EOR models for UTCHEM can be built quickly and easily, saving weeks of painstaking manual work. The evaluation of EOR processes has never been easier.


  • Massively increases productivity

  • Multiple simulator support

  • Create and convert sector models for new studies in minutes

  • Easy selection and export of sector models

  • Use existing history-matched models to provide the base for new studies

  • Perform sector creation with one click

  • Refine sector grids for more detailed studies

Key features:

  • Multiple simulator support in a single package

  • Built on established, proven and tested technology

  • Full field or sector conversion

  • Aim is 99% conversion in minutes

  • Rapid creation of UTCHEM studies from any Eclipse model

  • New sector model can be up and running in minutes

  • Interactive region selection via user defined polygons

  • New sector regions selected in seconds

  • Integrated visualization of full field and sector models

  • Minimal user intervention required to create sector model

  • Corner-point grids automatically mapped to block-centred grids

  • Sector models are created using simulation predictions

  • Greatly improves productivity by removing the large amount of time previously spent building UTCHEM models

  • Gives engineers more time to carry out additional EOR studies and to analyze their existing studies

  • Multiple workflows including:
    - Polymer flood
    - Surfactant flood
    - ASP studies
    - Radial grid well tests
    - Tartan grid models
    - Single or multiple wells