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An information systems company focusing on asset intensive industries and founded on many years of experience in operations, engineering, projects and maintenance. Kanepi’s focus is to provide software that reduces costs and downtime, and improves productivity and safety. It is designed to provide information across all departments at an operating asset to support decision making

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Brain Box

An asset information and knowledge management system allowing both explicit and tacit knowledge to be captured. It is intuitive, easy to use and incorporates a Google™ like search engine.

Permit Tracking System

It operates in parallel with a site paper-based PTW system besides giving instant visibility on permit statuses for permit controllers and management (facility and asset management) across the companies’ intranet. Permit tracking system is able to perform desktop audits locally on the facility and remotely (head office). Field audit results are stored in PTS driving audit performance statistics.

Management of Change

Change is a necessary function of today’s operations in production facilities and Management Of Change (MOC) is essential in reducing risk to the process, personnel, business, environment and product. It incorporates an embedded electronic approval / rejection / authorization / more information required workflow. System Change Request increases asset integrity and manages the MOC workflow process by alerting appropriate approvers as needed.

Production Accounting

Allows field operators, engineers and managers to easily view, report on, and validate production, HSE, operations and reliability data providing greater visibility for better decision-making. Configurable multi-approval levels and complex calculations can be run on collected data. Besides, it automatically checks data integrity and alerts based on pre-set limits (validation).


Real-time or historical data are able to be viewed from any networked PC. It creates display overlays using real-time and historical data from sources such as process historians, real-time process data (control and SCADA systems), SQL and Oracle Relational Databases. Diagnostic / fault finding trend set e.g. comparison between multiple data points and variables such as min/max values, averages, standard deviation / multiple trend lines, zooming, hair-lines etc.

Override Inhibit Monitor

High profile disasters have occurred where misuse of overrides was a contributing factor. OIM improves the visibility and auditability of overrides (safety) and has the potential to prevent a major issue from occurring. Dashboard quickly shows override usage providing investigative tools (top 10 overrides applied etc.). It does facilitates requirements of insurers and regulatory authorities by managing / controlling override usage.