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Trelleborg Oil & Marine is the leading supplier of innovative and field proven large-bore flexible bonded hoses for crude oil, chemicals, and LPG/LNG offshore transfer applications. Globally known from their dual carcass masterpiece design with highly flexible, no helix and nipples.

Our principal provides full service worldwide through global life cycle engineering studies, delivery of complete solutions for hoses and ancillary equipments also on-site supervision, and recommendations for installation, maintenance and repairs. Trelleborg Oil & Marine is a technology and innovation driven company that makes flexible bonded hoses with unrivalled and undisputed performance. Trelleborg Oil & Marine provides a wide range of products specifically designed for demanding applications with long service life and high level of reliability:

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KLELINE hoses – GMPHOM 2009 certified

The dual hose flange designs propose field-proven solutions to eliminate stress, bending loads concentration and ensure perfect sealing for high resistance and compact design, flexibility behind the flange.

SEALINE hoses – OCIMF 1991 certified

Single and double carcass hoses are built with a nipple flange. The operational high resistance is performed with the perfect link and adhesion between hose body structure and flange.

REELINE hoses – GMPHOM 2009 and API 17K certified

The reinforced flange is made of two different parts: an integrated bending stiffener and steel ring reinforcement. This gives a perfect and smooth bending process, avoiding stress concentration and excessive fatigue due to either the connection or the environment.

TRELLINE hoses – GMPHOM 2009 and API 17K certified

TRELLINE system renders the use of rigid steel pipelines or flexible unbounded long length systems obsolete. It is economic and easily installed, requiring minimal equipment.

FLEXIBLE WATER INTAKE hoses – API 17K certified

The first large bore water suction hose with integrated hypochlorine lines to cool down the FLNG and FPSO process with the ability to pump cool water over 300 m depth along with long service life

 CRYOLINE LPG/LNG hoses – Based on API 17K certification

Trelleborg Oil & Marine offers floating and submarine hoses specially designed for LPG (butane and propane) transfer in flow line, shallow water, CALM and reel configurations for the most stringent applications.

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