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Dalian Deep Blue Pump Co., LTD is a wholly owned subsidiary of Dalian Deep Blue Group, which is one of the leading pumps manufacturers in China, the recognized top Chinese industrial centrifugal pumps manufacturer especially for API 610 pumps, and one of three Chinese nuclear power station pumps manufacturers approved by China National Nuclear Security Administration.

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Products & Services

Horizontal Heavy Duty, Process API 610
Horizontal General Purpose Pump
High Speed Pump
Vertical Multi-Stage Pump
Vertical, Submerged (Sump) Type, Radial Split
Cryogenic pump (Subzero duties)
High Pressure Water Pump
ANSI B73.1M Chemical Process Pump
Hydraulic Power Recovery Turbine
Seal Less Magnetic Drive Pump
Vertical General Purpose Pump
Vertical In-line Process, Radial Split API 610
Vertical In-line Process, Close Couple Pump
ISO2858 End-suction Centrifugal Pump