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When choosing a company that offers project management for oilfield and other applications, you want a company with diverse expertise in a number of areas. Knowing the company has worked in diverse conditions can help you feel confident that your project will be executed with attention to detail, cost, deadlines, and safety.

EP Engineering Sdn Bhd provides full drilling and completions project management as well as more conventional wellsite consulting services. Our service is tailored to small/mid-sized operators and production companies who are looking to expand their drilling operations and need a cohesive engineering and supervisory staff to handle their projects, from engineering/planning and vendor/equipment specification, to on-site supervision. Our drilling and completions engineers can work in-house as part of a client’s overall engineering staff, and they provide support and guidance to our drilling consultants working on the client’s projects. Our personnel can also supervise individual projects on a time and materials basis from our field offices, working within the client’s existing management structure.

Our service includes:

  • Well Planning – development of detailed drilling programs
  • Materials & Logistics Support – experienced logistics personnel with local knowledge
  • Cost Accounting – accountants with local and drilling project specific experience
  • Government Approvals – advice, assistance and co-ordination for obtaining government approvals
  • Well Testing – design, verification and supervision Drilling Unit/Third Party Services
  • Tender/Contract Negotiation – contract engineers with proven contract templates and tenders to streamline the contracting and tendering process
  • Operations Supervision – professional drilling supervisors with specialist local experience and professional accreditation
  • End of Well Reporting – proven templates and advice for capturing all well data and lessons learned.
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