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Name your seismic challenge. We’re all answers. Privately held FairfieldNodal is headquartered in Sugar Land, Texas, and offers a full spectrum of true cable-free nodal seismic products and services, from systems design, manufacturing and sales to acquisition, processing and multi-client licensing.

Safer marine data acquisition, even in the tight spots

FairfieldNodal has decades of experience acquiring marine seismic data, beginning with work in the shallow Gulf of Mexico, the basis of our premier multi-client database. Thanks to exclusive ZNodal technology, including our true cable-free marine systems, no one answers the call for safe, efficient, high-quality seismic acquisition in today’s difficult arenas like FairfieldNodal.


FairfieldNodal takes you where OBC and streamers can’t.

Streamer acquisition makes perfect sense for many projects, but there are times when its logistical limitations in congested and/or obstructed waters hinder your decision-making ability. Our cable-free technology lets you capture high-quality data with full-azimuth illumination, almost anywhere.

The advantages of FairfieldNodal 2D, 3D, 4D, and 4C acquisition:-

  • Longer offsets
  • Full and all-azimuth data
  • Unlimited record lengths
  • Continuous recording — reproduce time slices of any record length
  • Survey design flexibility — minimal gaps in coverage area
  • Streamlined passive-rope node-recovery system — eliminates leakage issues
  • Superior coupling and vector fidelity
  • Onboard QA/QC and data formatting

Z700-Operating Depth: 1200 Metres

Nodes ready for deployment

Nodes ready for deployment


Easily positioned in and among obstructions – no gaps
Entirely self-contained – no external circuitry
No troubleshooting of spread
Greater productivity and channel capacity
Two-vessel operation – one node-handling vessel and one shooting vessel
Deployment and retrieval more efficient and faster than OBC
Requires half the crew of conventional OBC shoot
Quick, safe and easy retrieval via a passive recovery rope system
Simultaneous data download and battery recharging

Z3000-Operating Depth: 3000 Metres



For enhanced subsalt imaging.
For time-lapse seismic (4D) applications.
For infill voids.
For deepwater gas clouds.

Principals Website : http://www.fairfieldnodal.com
For more Information : zulkifli@kul.epintl.com