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Drilling successful wells is one of the key factors in geothermal development. Whether your project is lacking on productivity, facing variety of problems, not being sure whether it’s the technology, geology, logistics, or the manpower, and an arbitrary third party opinion is needed – get in contact with us.

EP Engineering Sdn Bhd has the knowledge and expertise in house to advise all players in the world on which is the best drilling approach that has to be used and what are the tools best suited. We have experiences in different soil types and the most appropriate drilling methods for each type. We have the knowledge on which method to be used, plus we can also indicate whether an extra liquid should be utilized. Also if the situation calls it, we are able to place a closed circulation system, whether located in a city, at sea, or even in the desert.


Principals Website : http://www.epintl.com
For more Information : Please email ep-msia@epintl.com