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The world leaders in providing Hydrogen Sulfide H2S Safety Services. H2S is a highly toxic gas which can kill or seriously injure even at low concentrations. In operations where there is a potential risk of H2S being present, Sabre Safety provide equipment and expertise to ensure a safe working environment, including: breathing air cascade and gas detection systems for sale or for rental with associated technical support, comprehensive design and engineering services, technical training, consultancy and contingency planning.

The company’s head office is located in Cupar, Scotland and in addition to being the administrative hub for our International H2S operations the site also offers a modern purpose built training suite. Training is central to all of Sabre’s H2S safety work since without the appropriate knowledge and skills, personnel working in an H2S environment are at great risk. Sabre Safety was pleased to announce the opening of our new Support Facility in Aberdeen in January 2011 from where we can deliver all of the Sabre Safety range of services including training, service and maintenance and H2S support services.


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Established in 2001 in Scotland, the company began working mainly in the North Sea where valuable experience was gained in one of the harshest environments on the planet and under what is recognized as the most stringent Health & Safety and regulatory regimes. Operations are now worldwide with H2S safety services provided both onshore and offshore in countries which include the UK, Norway, the Netherlands, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco, Nigeria, Turkey, Venezuela, Vietnam, Canada and Bulgaria and Oman.

As well as facilities in Cupar and Aberdeen, Sabre Safety currently has two overseas bases. A North American operations base in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia and a Middle Eastern operations base in Muscat, Sultanate of Oman. The North American facilities were set up specifically to support offshore work in the developing oil and gas sector in Atlantic Canada and, in particular, the sour gas field at Deep Panuke. This base makes Sabre’s world class H2S safety services available to the whole of the America’s oil and gas market, specializing in extreme environments -50 to +50 degrees centigrade.

The facilities in Oman were set up to support both onshore and offshore work in the Gulf region and to deliver all of Sabre Safety’s services to the highest standards. The company also supplies a wide range of and spares and components for specialized H2S equipment on a global basis.

1. Sabre Safety H2S Services

During operations involving the presence or suspected presence of H2S in reservoir fluids or process pipework, the consequences of a release to atmosphere of H2S can result in fatalities or injury to personnel. Breathing air cascade systems with Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) including Emergency Escape Sets with service personnel support should be deployed to protect personnel in the area.

Sabre Safety provides breathing air and gas detection systems with technical and training support to ensure a safe working environment should a release of H2S occur.

No H2S Services Description
1 Breathing Air Cascade Systems and Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) Cascade systems are deployed to ensure personnel at risk from exposure to H2S have available a safe and reliable supply of breathable air. Outlet manifolds and plug-in points are located in critical areas and these allow workers who may have to continue critical operations – such as emergency well control – to continue working for an extended period beyond that available using Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) normally 30 minutes. The use of a cascade system ensures that the essential crew have breathable air available during and beyond the expected duration of the operation thus ensuring the safe completion of the work required.


2 Gas Detection Systems for Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) H2S Gas detection systems and personal gas detectors, are designed to provide the earliest possible warning of the presence of H2S thereby allowing the personnel at risk of exposure to H2S to take appropriate action – such as donning their Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) to escape or to connect to the safe breathable air available from the cascade system.

This equipment is categorised into 4 main groups:

  • Fixed gas detection for H2S
  • Wireless GD
  • Area gas detection for H2S
  • Personal gas detection equipment


3 H2S Safety Personnel Our most important resource is our personnel. Recruiting the right caliber of person is paramount and all our field engineers have the right mix of practical ability and technical knowledge. Everyone at Sabre Safety realises that flexibility and commitment is required in an industry where situations can change by the hour. Our People make a positive difference to the safety of workforces worldwide and facilitate a step change for our customers in the safety and efficiency of their operations.

We’re always looking for ways to improve what we do and the service we provide and as such we are especially delighted that our Customised Vocational Qualification (CVQ) H2S Safety Supervisor has recently been approved by the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA). Here at Sabre Safety we strive to work to the best possible standard. The CVQ improves our ability to ensure that all our Technicians worldwide meet the same competence standards and that levels are maintained in compliance with recognised best practice and regulatory/legislation changes. This means that our clients can be assured that they will receive the same standard of H2S Safety Services with the highest levels of knowledge and professionalism from all our personnel, no matter where in the world they are working.

2. H2S Training

Sabre Safety fully qualified team of Instructors deliver the OPITO approved H2S Course and the ENFORM (the safety association for Canada’s upstream oil and gas industry) approved H2S Alive course. We also deliver manufacturer approved Breathing Apparatus Service & Maintenance Courses for Scott Safety Ltd.

3. H2S Risk Management

H2S Risk Management within the Oil and Gas industry is critical to safe operations and, most importantly, the safety of personnel. The process of Identification, understanding and prioritization of an H2S hazards effect being realized lies at the core of safe and reliable H2S Risk Management.

4. Engineered H2S Solutions

Sabre Safety draws on its distinguished history to provide unparalleled expertise to deliver market-leading, innovative and cutting edge bespoke breathing air solutions with a single and determined focus on meeting the needs of our customers.

Our unerring commitment to improving safety drives us to lead our industry. From Oil and Gas to Marine, pharmaceutical, healthcare and Industrial, Sabre Safety Engineering is dedicated to providing a single focus and total service for all our clients.

5. H2S Safety Equipment

Sabre Safety’s experience of working in the field has taught us that only the toughest and most reliable equipment should be used. Our equipment has continued to function in extremes of climate from arctic snow and offshore wind and rain through to desert sand storms and humid tropical jungle.

We believe that we provide the best, most up-to-date and well maintained equipment on the market. We always keep abreast of new developments in breathing air and gas detection and operate a policy of continual improvement in our rental fleet. The examples of Sabre Safety equipment will be Breathing Apparatus, Gas Detection, Compressors, Trailers, and etc.