Oliver Wyman – Management

Info :
Oliver Wyman is a global advisory firm focused on delivering bottom line value improvements to our clients.

Principals Website : http://www.oliverwyman.com
For more Information :  firdaus.alias@kul.epintl.com

Our specific consultancy expertise are in:

  • Safety and Risk Management
  • Performance Improvement
  • Procurement and Supply Chain
  • Leadership and Development
  • Financial Advisory
  • We integrate our Practice areas seamlessly to provide our clients with the right capability and best value to solve their particular challenges.

We take an integrated approach linking strategy, people, operations and financeWe are committed to supporting our clients achieve sustainable results through building the capability to deliver change. That’s our primary focus and we have built an exceptional reputation for doing it successfully with FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 companies as well as with central government departments, in Europe, North America and Asia. We immerse ourselves in a client’s business, working alongside them in small, senior teams dedicated to helping them identify issues, design solutions and achieve their goals in a pragmatic way:

  • We focus on key issues that affect performance rather than being methodology led
  • We align all levels of the organization from CEO to frontline
  • We ensure that change is sustainable by transferring capability to the client and building effective teams at all levels
  • We are committed to delivering results and are willing to put our fees at risk.

In an increasingly complex and changing environment, the world’s energy and natural resources companies must develop new business strategies in order to stay competitive. They must address the uncertainties of shifting global supply and demand, price volatility and the socio-political drivers demanding more rigorous regulation and greater social responsibility. Integrated majors in these mature industries must find ways to address ever increasing cost pressures and in some cases tax pressures. They must also do more with less by developing more advanced technologies to exploit difficult geological reserves and managing greater diversification of energy sources (non-conventional gas, oil sands, renewables) – and do so in a sustainable manner that addresses the operational and safety risks highlighted by recent events.

In the energy sector, the challenges of keeping up with the ever growing trends in consumption are further aggravated by increased competition from National Oil Companies (NOCs) and by a shortage of skilled workers, an issue that is expected to worsen over the next decade. We had a long history of working with super majors in upstream and downstream of oil and gas industry. We have worked with, or are currently working with, a number of clients in Asia.